The MushMush Foundation is a non-profit organization registered in Sankt Pölten, Austria. The foundation is dedicated to the advancement and development of open source software.
The foundation ensures that contributions and donations towards our projects are used accordingly.

Open Source Projects

Conpot Status: Active Conpot is an ICS honeypot with the goal to collect intelligence about the motives and methods of adversaries targeting industrial control systems. conpot.org
Glastopf Status: Active Glastopf is a Python web application honeypot. We use vulnerability type emulation instead of vulnerability emulation. Popular attack type emulation is already in place: Remote File Inclusion via a build-in PHP sandbox, Local File Inclusion providing files from a virtual file system and HTML injection via POST requests. glastopf.org


The MushMush foundation is required to hold the copyright of all it's associated projects. Therefore every individual and organization who intends to contribut is required to assign the copyright to the foundation and provide a signed copy of a formal agreement.

Please send the signed copy to either the foundations director or secretary.


Lukas 'glaslos' Rist
Project Lead / Director

Lukas works as software engineer for Blue Coat Norway during the day, and hunts the evil ones during the night. He spends too much time reviewing code and asked me to remind you, that German Pils makes your pull request more beautiful...

Johnny 'johnny' Vestergaard
Senior Developer / Secretary

When Johnny is not reading ICS protocol handbooks to his kids, he uses them to dive down into the abyss of ancient code to make Conpot more awesome.


Daniel 'creo' Haslinger
Developer / Treasurer

Daniel is our academic, IT security researcher, activist for anonymization, cypherpunk, chaotic neutral and Python padawan. When he is not complaining about Skype, he is writing tons of code for Conpot.

Andrea 'De' Pasquale
Developer / Pencil sharpener

Security analyst at Certego, open source enthusiast and contributor of the Honeynet Project. Sometimes pair-programming Conpot with his teddy bear harshly reviewing his code...